Product Warranty

LIMITED ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: The Limited Product Warranty only applies for Eagle Health Supplies products purchased from one of our Authorized Dealers for one year from the date of purchase. The Limited Warranty is for parts for manufacturing defects only. The product serial number along with proof of purchase must be provided to your place of purchase. Rental equipment is excluded from warranty. The warranty cannot be transferred. Warranty is invalid if product is modified or altered in any way. Warranty does not cover damage to the product through negligence, accident, misuse, lack of maintenance, improper storage, abuse, tampering, or damage resulting from transit. Such evaluation will be solely determined by Eagle Health Supplies. Further, the warranty shall not apply to problems arising from normal wear and tear or failure to follow product instructions for use and/or assembly. Eagle Health Supplies disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Register Your Warranty

Thank you for purchasing an Eagle Health Supplies product. If you would like to register the 1-year Warranty, please fill out the Warranty Card included in the box of your purchased product and send to:

Eagle Health Supplies, Inc
 535 W. Walnut Ave. 
 Orange, CA 92868 
 Or if you would like to register your Warranty online, please fill out the below Online Submission Form.